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Debbie’s Bail Bonds is Pocatello’s premier bail bonds provider. If you are in need of immediate, fast, and affordable bail bond services, call Debbie’s Bail Bonds immediately. In addition to bail bonds, we offer a wide variety of services to the Pocatello community.

Process serving and legal document delivery is one of our many specialties. If you need documents delivered for your legal situation, contact Debbie’s Bail Bonds immediately to speak with a document delivery expert. We will work with you through every step to ensure that documents are delivered in a fast, affordable, and legally sound way.

Notary services are yet another one of our areas of expertise. Whether it is a one time job, or if you are a Pocatello company looking to establish a strong and ongoing relationship for notary services, Debbie’s Bail Bonds is here to meet your needs. Legal documents, court papers, loan agreements, and financial paperwork are but a few of the kinds of work we can handle. By ensuring the convenience and comfort of signers, Debbie’s Bail Bonds can assure that notarization is completed in a way that is legally concrete and satisfactory.

Debbie’s Bail Bonds also offers investigation services. Our private investigators are on call and ready to tackle a wide variety of situations. Whether you have workplace problems, personal issues, or need something different altogether, Debbie’s Bail Bonds can help you get to the bottom of things. Contact us today to speak with an expert confidentially about your situation.

Recovery services are also offered here at Debbie’s Bail Bonds. If you have a defendant who has chosen not to arrive at their scheduled court date, Debbie’s Bail Bonds has a team of bail fugitive recovery experts ready to find them and bring them back into the criminal justice system. Our team places safety as the top priority in every instance - assuring that defendants are returned to the courts in a way that is both safe and legal.

As part of the wonderful Pocatello community, we pride ourselves in providing the highest quality services at the most affordable prices. We see our company as part of the great small business industry in Pocatello. We do our best to provide fantastic service not just because we care about our customers, but because we care about the well being of the community as a whole.

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My Husband and I received charges with no hope in sight! Debbie and DeNae helped when no one else would. We have now completed probation and are doing perfect! Thanks for the encouragement and guidance! — Mandy and Robert 

In the  middle of the night a friend was arrested for a DUI. I had never even been inside a jail. Debbie helped me stay calm and walked me though every step. Debbie treated me and my friend with respect and dignity. She was fantastic! — Tiffany


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We are the oldest bail bonds company in Southeast Idaho. Our customers like that we are a local and family-owned business and not just another large "cookie-cutter" cooperation.

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